Demented cows, killer plants, radioactive wastes, and horrors unspeakable.
Est. October, 1993

Welcome to the wastes. The endless sands beckon you forth, the fight for survival never-ending. The nuclear glow haunts the horizon, but horrors more tangible than the burn of radiation skitter across the dunes tonight. The privelaged members of the tenuous society may sit in their bunkers, dining on things you may have had as a pet in a previous life, but the wasteland is your domain, and this is what the world has become. You fight forward, towards survival, towards what remains of hope. Each has their own reasons, for those without the will to survive quickly perish in this nightmare we call home.

Here you can discover the story of our world, the places we inhabit, and the people who inhabit them. You can also look at maps, pictures, and other various media, as well as meet some of our players, and read the history of the MOO.

If you feel like joining us, come on over. We're located at, port 6969. Welcome to the wastes.